Emotional exhibitionism

Having a blog is not only to talk about the “it” topic.  It’s not only about accumulating the most traffic.  Nor is it just to get free perks.

Most bloggers do it for the exhibitionism factor.  They feel they have to show something to the world, whether the world wants to see it or not.  Even if it means that some people I know will read it.  Even if it means that the person who might have triggered that state of mind will read it…

Well tonight, it’s my turn to open my soul out for everyone to read.  It’s 1h55 (am!), just drove back from Montreal to my house in Deux-Montagnes and while on my way, I got slapped in the face. Real hard!

How did it happen you might ask?  Well, with a song.  Not just a simple song.

Please listen to this song more than once and you will understand all the beauty it contains.  You often come at a point in your life when you witness a moment where everything makes sense.  Where you feel like something can explain/illustrate your thoughts in a way you couldn’t even do using words.  I think this is such a moment.

I don’t know what I’m trying to achieve by doing this.  I can only say that I instinctively knew I had to do it.  Do I wish for someone to read it? Maybe, I don’t know.

Anyhow, if you are reading this you liked it, then I guess it served its purpose.

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